5 Recommended Unique Restaurants in Jakarta

5 Recommended Unique Restaurants in Jakarta

Restaurant a place to eat that is everywhere, each restaurant has a different concept, there are those who use a unique concept there is also a general concept that is used to restaurants in general use. Restaurants that use a unique concept have their own charm, usually visitors not only judge in terms of the taste of food in the restaurant, sometimes there are also those who look in terms of place, cleanliness, uniqueness of the restaurant, to the price of the food.

There are many restaurants that use a unique concept to attract many visitors, and this method is said to be successful in attracting many visitors, especially in the modern era like this many young people and adults who like to find places that have good photo spots. With this unique concept, restaurant owners make some good photo spots so that many people visit even if they are just taking pictures

This unique concept can be said to be one of the marketing strategies, because by displaying different styles makes a restaurant the center of attention for many people, with so many people who will visit and then take photos and upload them to social media, with their photos scattered restaurant photos This makes the restaurant more known and has many visitors. Not only abroad who have a restaurant with a unique concept, in Indonesia there are also restaurants that have a unique concept, this beirkut several restaurants with a unique concept

Restaurant with a unique concept in Jakarta

Miss Unicorn Cafe
This one cafe carries the concept of Unicorn, who doesn’t like this cute, beautiful pony horse, many kids and girls who like unicorns. With this unique concept this cafe has many visitors, when you enter this cafe, you will be presented with a view of the entire room with a unicorn, starting from the decoration of the floor, walls and even the unicorn shades of the ceiling. Dicafe only has 8 sitting areas, so it’s no wonder that on weekends or at certain hours you can enter the waiting list.

This cafe is in Cibubur area, precisely on Jalan Raya Hankam Kav.69, Kranggan. Not only serving Fairy Floss, Smoked Carbonara Rainbow Spaghetti, this cafe also provides unicorn costumes for children and adults for only Rp. 50,000 per person, you can use this costume for photos

The Cat Cabin
For cat lovers this cafe will definitely become one of the must-visit cafes. The cafe that carries the theme of this cat attracts a lot of attention of cat lovers and people, because in this cafe you can eat while playing with an adorable cat, or just relax while playing with the cat the cat is allowed, even though this is a cat cafe, you are not allowed to bring a cat to the cafe

This cafe was founded in 2015, the concept and design is unique and attractive making this cafe crowded with visitors, with a home-style concept accompanied by carpet carpets in the cafe will make you feel comfortable being in this cafe. No need to worry about the cleanliness of cats in this cafe, because all the cats are certainly very well groomed and healthy, there are approximately 11 cats in this cafe, the type of cat was mixed, there are Angora, Persian to local cats. The cafe located at Jalan Kemang Ray No.31, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta is open every Tuesday – Sunday, and is closed every Monday, for the first 1 hour fee is charged at Rp.50,000 then two hours and so on will be charged Rp. 30,000

The restaurant which is in the whistle of North Jakarta is very suitable for millennial who likes to hangout, the unique interior design makes this restaurant seem cheerful. Every corner of this restaurant can be a good photo spot, ranging from chairs, wall decorations, beautiful toilets, tables arranged in the style of an American diner, beautiful color combination, making this restaurant very instagramable, this restaurant consists of 2 floors, and able to accommodate many people at once

This cafe does not only provide menus from Europe, there are also menus from Indonesia, no need to worry about the taste of this dicafe menu menu, surely it will shake your tongue. IndoDiner is open every Sunday – Thursday from 10:00 – 02:00 and Friday – Saturday at 10:00 – 03:00

The Garden
The restaurant that carries the theme of this garden becomes one of the restaurants with a unique and beautiful concept, with an interior design filled with trees and flowers that spoil your eyes when visiting this restaurant. Not only the place is interesting, the menu they provide is also very interesting and will certainly shake your tongue, this restaurant is very crowded, if you want to visit this restaurant come early

This restaurant tastes at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, open every Sunday-Thursday from 11.00 – 22.00 and Friday – Saturday 11.00 – 02.00. Don’t forget to bring a camera for photos at this unique restaurant

If you want to feel the atmosphere of a Japanese restaurant at night, you must visit Kanpai. The restaurant that carries the theme of nightlife in Japan has become one of the unique restaurants that is being crowded. The chairs are neatly arranged and next to the kitchen, this restaurant uses the theme of open kitchen or open kitchen, so you can see immediately when the food you ordered is being made. Coupled with neon lights and lights that read Japanese kanji add to the atmosphere like being in Japan

The menu offered is not only Japanese food but there is also Indonesian food. This restaurant located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta is open every Sunday – Thursday at 11:00 – 23:00 and Friday – Saturday at 11:00 – 00:00. profile

This Restaurant Has A Unique Service

This Restaurant Has A Unique Service

The restaurant is a place or building that is commercially organized and provides the best service to its guests, be it food and drinks, in this world many restaurants provide services in unique ways that make us feel new experiences in enjoying culinary offerings. Usually the unique service provided aims to make loyal customers stop by and can promote the restaurant.
Restaurants with this unique service are very diverse, some are entertaining their customers by wearing funny costumes, feeding their customers, or just accompanying their customers, there are also other unique services, here are the unique restaurant waiters

The most unique service

Cafe Fifty One

This one cafe is located in Melbourne Australia, this cafe will provide a free burger for life for those who are willing to make a burger tattoo served at the restaurant. Thanks to the unique service and promo strategy, this cafe has become viral on social media and is visited by many people, not only is this cafe also the target of culinary lovers who want to get a free burger, only on the condition of making burger tattoos. But making a burger tattoo in accordance with the original shape is not easy, the buyer needs a long struggle and accuracy so that the picture is exactly the original, not only that the buyer must also register on the official website of the restaurant, and the tattoo will be judged by the appraiser of the restaurant then, the results will come out names that qualify for a free burger for life. This free burger will stop if the customer dies or this fast food restaurant closes.

Heart Attache Grill

Restaurants in the United States will provide a variety of food for free for those of you who weigh more than 159 kg. The restaurant provides special services for people who are overweight, but this restaurant is much about by the public because they do not think about the health of the buyers, this restaurant is a favorite because it provides free food in the form of burgers with varied sizes. The hospital-themed restaurant also encourages shoppers to have their health checked before consuming high-calorie foods that are offered for free

Tim’s Place

This Mexican restaurant offers hug services. A hug is a movement of the human body that is able to have a tremendous impact, especially for the psychological of our body, it is usually the affection given by our family or relatives, or our friends. This has become an advantage of restaurants in Mexico to provide unique services to customers. This restaurant was founded based on the experience of the restaurant owner, according to the human owner is a creature created by God who really wants to be considered, although attention can be done in any way, but a hug will provide calm and pleasure. This restaurant knows yearly how many people got hugs through the special hug counters.

Dinner in the sky

Restaurant in Belgium has a concept that is quite unique, you can feel eating in the sky, the concept of this restaurant is carried by 22 young restaurant owners in Europe. Within a period of 4 years this restaurant developed rapidly in several cities in 32 countries, including Paris, Sydney, Dubai, Las Vegas, and the Island of the Gods of Bali, unlike restaurants in general, this restaurant only consists of rows of tables and chairs that are assembled like games rides in the amusement park, this restaurant is associated with a rope and lifted with a height of 50 meters from ground level to the sky, every seat has a seat belt. In this restaurant, pelanggang must order 22 seats at a time, this restaurant is usually ordered for weddings, applications, or business affairs.

Restaurants to Visit When Playing Casinos in Las Vegas

credit image caesars.com

Luxury casinos and luxury hotels are arguably the heart and soul of Las Vegas. There are many things to do here, from trying your luck at table games to touring around Vegas. Except for wandering around the city and pocketing some big jackpots, there is one more part that you can’t miss from each of your visits to Vegas, the food. Sooner or later you will feel hungry while you gamble and find a comfortable place to eat. With this in mind, we decided to make a list of the types of restaurants to visit while playing casinos in Las Vegas. From the fresh rib eye steak to lobster with white wine, these places really have everything you want.

The first restaurant to visit while playing casino in Las Vegas is Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace. Why did Gordon Ramsay become so famous? Of course, it was all because of his extraordinary cooking show, which was broadcast throughout the world. And as we all know, this man has never received a reason for bad cooking. Everything must be ideal starting from the procedure for placement, sauce, and service. Sometimes his temper on the television screen looks like an abab, but all of this is just part of his TV persona. However, it is difficult to doubt the satisfaction of the audience watching the Hell’s Kitchen program.

When visiting Caesars Palace, when you are not playing dice or trying your winning strategy for video poker, you can try to visit this famous restaurant, which is located on the front side of the casino. Surrounded by gorgeous large windows, this place has one of the best views on the Strip! The overall interior is designed in red and blue with a private dining room, chef’s table and contemporary bar.

Among all the classy dishes in this place, you must definitely try the famous Beef Wellington which is famous for being very tasty, accompanied by a glass of red wine or chunky hell’s kitchen burger, to help you be satisfied until theslot next day. And then, Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert will be part of the special dessert for tonight. The only disadvantage of this place is that it is very crowded, so you need to order in advance, because if you come two minutes late, you can immediately enter the waiting list again. However, if you don’t mind enjoying your dinner late at night, you can visit after 9 pm, when the restaurant is not that busy. We will explain about other restaurants in the next article.

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The Main Purpose of the Restaurant

The Main Purpose of the Restaurant

The main purpose of the restaurant is “Serving and Providing Food and Drink Services for the Public with the aim of making adequate profits”. The expectation to be achieved by F&B operations is the achievement of Guest Satisfaction.
The success of a food processing industry will largely depend on the satisfaction of consumers who consume food products produced by food processing kitchens. Besides good service quality, the high quality of a food product plays an important role in efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.
Specifically regarding the quality of food products, customer satisfaction depends on 6 (six) main factors (Food Quality Factors), namely:

  1. Food appearance
  2. Food Hygienic
  3. Aroma of Food
  4. Taste of Food
  5. Food Texture
  6. Nutritional Value of Food

The six factors above must be stated as a whole that can be called high quality.



There are various types of restaurants, and their classifications are distinguished by menu, preparation method and price. In addition, how food is served to customers helps to determine its classification. Historically, what can be classified as a restaurant is a place that prepares and serves food and drinks for customers in exchange for money. Food is usually served and eaten on site, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services.

image from : www.centarahotelsresorts.com

The following are the types and types of restaurant concepts:

Fast Food Restaurant

As the name implies, fast food restaurants emphasize service that is fast, practical, and relatively cheaper than other restaurant choices. The menu is usually served with a disposable mat (disposable directly dispose). There are small-scale Fast Food restaurants with one simple outlet, to those that have large franchise chains, such as McDonald’s.

Fast Casual-Dining Restaurant
Fast Casual-Dining Restaurant is almost similar to a Fast Food restaurant, but the difference is that this type of restaurant provides more high-quality types of food with a more comfortable dining environment, so the price is also relatively slightly more expensive.
This type of restaurant is here to bridge the concept of fast food restaurant with casual dining.

Family Style Restaurant
This type of restaurant has a fixed menu and prices, where guests usually come to sit together at a table with some number of seats. In general, this type of restaurant is operated and maintained directly by the owner and other family members, or only a few employees (mom-and-pop business).

Casual Dining
Casual dining restaurant provides menus with standard prices and casual (relaxed) dining atmosphere. Casual dining restaurants usually serve by table service, except for buffets. This restaurant also usually has a separate bar that provides beer menus and several wine menus. Entrepreneur Norman Brinker is the inventor of casual dining restaurants.
Fine Dining
Fine Dining restaurant is a full service restaurant that has a specific menu menu category. This type of restaurant has a high-taste decoration, with trained and experienced staff, and usually uses formal restaurant uniforms.

Cafe and coffee shop are informal restaurants that serve hot dishes and sandwiches that are ready to be served. Almost all cafes use the Table Service system. Cafe also sometimes offers dishes for breakfast. Many cafes also offer an outdoor seating atmosphere.


Cafeteria is a type of restaurant that serves ready-to-eat food or dishes (usually arranged and served behind a counter) and there is no Table Service. Usually, customers take the tray while walking hand in hand to take the menu they want.
The dishes that are served can be in the form of a complete menu per portion, or it can also consist of a variety of choices of dishes that can be chosen by guests according to the portion they want. Cafeteria is sometimes also called Self-Serviced Restaurant.

Coffee House / coffee shop
Casual restaurants that generally do not use table service, and emphasize coffee and other beverages. The main difference from a coffee house is because this type of restaurant allows its customers to sit relaxed for long and there is no pressure to leave the restaurant even after eating. Therefore, Coffee House is often used as a meeting place.


Originating in British Culture, Pub (short for Public House) is a bar that serves some light dishes.

Bistro and Brasserie
In France, Brasserie is a cafe that doubles as a restaurant that serves food in a relaxed atmosphere. Bistro is a more common name for a cafe that provides dishes at prices in the middle range.
In English, Bistro can mean fast casual-dining restaurant with a menu. a European menu, or a cafe that offers a more complete menu.

Mongolian barbecue
Actually it came from Taiwan and was inspired by Japanese Teppanyaki. We have to take food choices on a buffet basis. The food is then handed over to the cook who will saute the food and give it to us after the food is ready.

Teppanyaki style
Waiting for food while watching the action of the Chef cooking in front of us. The place for cooking is similar to the one used by Mongolian Barbeque.


Macau is the best casino place in the world, and this time will be discussed 10 best restaurants around the Macau casino. Previously discussed about the 10 biggest casinos in the world, this time we summarize the best restaurants around the Macau casino. Playing casino gambling in magnificent places like in Macao, China, of course there will be facilities