5 Recommended Unique Restaurants in Jakarta

5 Recommended Unique Restaurants in Jakarta

Restaurant a place to eat that is everywhere, each restaurant has a different concept, there are those who use a unique concept there is also a general concept that is used to restaurants in general use. Restaurants that use a unique concept have their own charm, usually visitors not only judge in terms of the taste of food in the restaurant, sometimes there are also those who look in terms of place, cleanliness, uniqueness of the restaurant, to the price of the food.

There are many restaurants that use a unique concept to attract many visitors, and this method is said to be successful in attracting many visitors, especially in the modern era like this many young people and adults who like to find places that have good photo spots. With this unique concept, restaurant owners make some good photo spots so that many people visit even if they are just taking pictures

This unique concept can be said to be one of the marketing strategies, because by displaying different styles makes a restaurant the center of attention for many people, with so many people who will visit and then take photos and upload them to social media, with their photos scattered restaurant photos This makes the restaurant more known and has many visitors. Not only abroad who have a restaurant with a unique concept, in Indonesia there are also restaurants that have a unique concept, this beirkut several restaurants with a unique concept

Restaurant with a unique concept in Jakarta

Miss Unicorn Cafe
This one cafe carries the concept of Unicorn, who doesn’t like this cute, beautiful pony horse, many kids and girls who like unicorns. With this unique concept this cafe has many visitors, when you enter this cafe, you will be presented with a view of the entire room with a unicorn, starting from the decoration of the floor, walls and even the unicorn shades of the ceiling. Dicafe only has 8 sitting areas, so it’s no wonder that on weekends or at certain hours you can enter the waiting list.

This cafe is in Cibubur area, precisely on Jalan Raya Hankam Kav.69, Kranggan. Not only serving Fairy Floss, Smoked Carbonara Rainbow Spaghetti, this cafe also provides unicorn costumes for children and adults for only Rp. 50,000 per person, you can use this costume for photos

The Cat Cabin
For cat lovers this cafe will definitely become one of the must-visit cafes. The cafe that carries the theme of this cat attracts a lot of attention of cat lovers and people, because in this cafe you can eat while playing with an adorable cat, or just relax while playing with the cat the cat is allowed, even though this is a cat cafe, you are not allowed to bring a cat to the cafe

This cafe was founded in 2015, the concept and design is unique and attractive making this cafe crowded with visitors, with a home-style concept accompanied by carpet carpets in the cafe will make you feel comfortable being in this cafe. No need to worry about the cleanliness of cats in this cafe, because all the cats are certainly very well groomed and healthy, there are approximately 11 cats in this cafe, the type of cat was mixed, there are Angora, Persian to local cats. The cafe located at Jalan Kemang Ray No.31, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta is open every Tuesday – Sunday, and is closed every Monday, for the first 1 hour fee is charged at Rp.50,000 then two hours and so on will be charged Rp. 30,000

The restaurant which is in the whistle of North Jakarta is very suitable for millennial who likes to hangout, the unique interior design makes this restaurant seem cheerful. Every corner of this restaurant can be a good photo spot, ranging from chairs, wall decorations, beautiful toilets, tables arranged in the style of an American diner, beautiful color combination, making this restaurant very instagramable, this restaurant consists of 2 floors, and able to accommodate many people at once

This cafe does not only provide menus from Europe, there are also menus from Indonesia, no need to worry about the taste of this dicafe menu menu, surely it will shake your tongue. IndoDiner is open every Sunday – Thursday from 10:00 – 02:00 and Friday – Saturday at 10:00 – 03:00

The Garden
The restaurant that carries the theme of this garden becomes one of the restaurants with a unique and beautiful concept, with an interior design filled with trees and flowers that spoil your eyes when visiting this restaurant. Not only the place is interesting, the menu they provide is also very interesting and will certainly shake your tongue, this restaurant is very crowded, if you want to visit this restaurant come early

This restaurant tastes at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, open every Sunday-Thursday from 11.00 – 22.00 and Friday – Saturday 11.00 – 02.00. Don’t forget to bring a camera for photos at this unique restaurant

If you want to feel the atmosphere of a Japanese restaurant at night, you must visit Kanpai. The restaurant that carries the theme of nightlife in Japan has become one of the unique restaurants that is being crowded. The chairs are neatly arranged and next to the kitchen, this restaurant uses the theme of open kitchen or open kitchen, so you can see immediately when the food you ordered is being made. Coupled with neon lights and lights that read Japanese kanji add to the atmosphere like being in Japan

The menu offered is not only Japanese food but there is also Indonesian food. This restaurant located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta is open every Sunday – Thursday at 11:00 – 23:00 and Friday – Saturday at 11:00 – 00:00. profile