This Restaurant Has A Unique Service

This Restaurant Has A Unique Service

The restaurant is a place or building that is commercially organized and provides the best service to its guests, be it food and drinks, in this world many restaurants provide services in unique ways that make us feel new experiences in enjoying culinary offerings. Usually the unique service provided aims to make loyal customers stop by and can promote the restaurant.
Restaurants with this unique service are very diverse, some are entertaining their customers by wearing funny costumes, feeding their customers, or just accompanying their customers, there are also other unique services, here are the unique restaurant waiters

The most unique service

Cafe Fifty One

This one cafe is located in Melbourne Australia, this cafe will provide a free burger for life for those who are willing to make a burger tattoo served at the restaurant. Thanks to the unique service and promo strategy, this cafe has become viral on social media and is visited by many people, not only is this cafe also the target of culinary lovers who want to get a free burger, only on the condition of making burger tattoos. But making a burger tattoo in accordance with the original shape is not easy, the buyer needs a long struggle and accuracy so that the picture is exactly the original, not only that the buyer must also register on the official website of the restaurant, and the tattoo will be judged by the appraiser of the restaurant then, the results will come out names that qualify for a free burger for life. This free burger will stop if the customer dies or this fast food restaurant closes.

Heart Attache Grill

Restaurants in the United States will provide a variety of food for free for those of you who weigh more than 159 kg. The restaurant provides special services for people who are overweight, but this restaurant is much about by the public because they do not think about the health of the buyers, this restaurant is a favorite because it provides free food in the form of burgers with varied sizes. The hospital-themed restaurant also encourages shoppers to have their health checked before consuming high-calorie foods that are offered for free

Tim’s Place

This Mexican restaurant offers hug services. A hug is a movement of the human body that is able to have a tremendous impact, especially for the psychological of our body, it is usually the affection given by our family or relatives, or our friends. This has become an advantage of restaurants in Mexico to provide unique services to customers. This restaurant was founded based on the experience of the restaurant owner, according to the human owner is a creature created by God who really wants to be considered, although attention can be done in any way, but a hug will provide calm and pleasure. This restaurant knows yearly how many people got hugs through the special hug counters.

Dinner in the sky

Restaurant in Belgium has a concept that is quite unique, you can feel eating in the sky, the concept of this restaurant is carried by 22 young restaurant owners in Europe. Within a period of 4 years this restaurant developed rapidly in several cities in 32 countries, including Paris, Sydney, Dubai, Las Vegas, and the Island of the Gods of Bali, unlike restaurants in general, this restaurant only consists of rows of tables and chairs that are assembled like games rides in the amusement park, this restaurant is associated with a rope and lifted with a height of 50 meters from ground level to the sky, every seat has a seat belt. In this restaurant, pelanggang must order 22 seats at a time, this restaurant is usually ordered for weddings, applications, or business affairs.