There are various types of restaurants, and their classifications are distinguished by menu, preparation method and price. In addition, how food is served to customers helps to determine its classification. Historically, what can be classified as a restaurant is a place that prepares and serves food and drinks for customers in exchange for money. Food is usually served and eaten on site, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services.

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The following are the types and types of restaurant concepts:

Fast Food Restaurant

As the name implies, fast food restaurants emphasize service that is fast, practical, and relatively cheaper than other restaurant choices. The menu is usually served with a disposable mat (disposable directly dispose). There are small-scale Fast Food restaurants with one simple outlet, to those that have large franchise chains, such as McDonald’s.

Fast Casual-Dining Restaurant
Fast Casual-Dining Restaurant is almost similar to a Fast Food restaurant, but the difference is that this type of restaurant provides more high-quality types of food with a more comfortable dining environment, so the price is also relatively slightly more expensive.
This type of restaurant is here to bridge the concept of fast food restaurant with casual dining.

Family Style Restaurant
This type of restaurant has a fixed menu and prices, where guests usually come to sit together at a table with some number of seats. In general, this type of restaurant is operated and maintained directly by the owner and other family members, or only a few employees (mom-and-pop business).

Casual Dining
Casual dining restaurant provides menus with standard prices and casual (relaxed) dining atmosphere. Casual dining restaurants usually serve by table service, except for buffets. This restaurant also usually has a separate bar that provides beer menus and several wine menus. Entrepreneur Norman Brinker is the inventor of casual dining restaurants.
Fine Dining
Fine Dining restaurant is a full service restaurant that has a specific menu menu category. This type of restaurant has a high-taste decoration, with trained and experienced staff, and usually uses formal restaurant uniforms.

Cafe and coffee shop are informal restaurants that serve hot dishes and sandwiches that are ready to be served. Almost all cafes use the Table Service system. Cafe also sometimes offers dishes for breakfast. Many cafes also offer an outdoor seating atmosphere.


Cafeteria is a type of restaurant that serves ready-to-eat food or dishes (usually arranged and served behind a counter) and there is no Table Service. Usually, customers take the tray while walking hand in hand to take the menu they want.
The dishes that are served can be in the form of a complete menu per portion, or it can also consist of a variety of choices of dishes that can be chosen by guests according to the portion they want. Cafeteria is sometimes also called Self-Serviced Restaurant.

Coffee House / coffee shop
Casual restaurants that generally do not use table service, and emphasize coffee and other beverages. The main difference from a coffee house is because this type of restaurant allows its customers to sit relaxed for long and there is no pressure to leave the restaurant even after eating. Therefore, Coffee House is often used as a meeting place.


Originating in British Culture, Pub (short for Public House) is a bar that serves some light dishes.

Bistro and Brasserie
In France, Brasserie is a cafe that doubles as a restaurant that serves food in a relaxed atmosphere. Bistro is a more common name for a cafe that provides dishes at prices in the middle range.
In English, Bistro can mean fast casual-dining restaurant with a menu. a European menu, or a cafe that offers a more complete menu.

Mongolian barbecue
Actually it came from Taiwan and was inspired by Japanese Teppanyaki. We have to take food choices on a buffet basis. The food is then handed over to the cook who will saute the food and give it to us after the food is ready.

Teppanyaki style
Waiting for food while watching the action of the Chef cooking in front of us. The place for cooking is similar to the one used by Mongolian Barbeque.


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